Changing image size but keeping UV wrap intact?

Hello, blender newbie here with newbie question.

Here it goes, a made an object which UV wrap is bigger then color texture image I attached to it. This is not a problem of course as image tiles perfectly.

Now I want to add normal map to it and I run into a problem - the normal map image can’t fit on image size I used for texture, and when I try to add new image of bigger size, the UV wrapper resizes itself proportionally, which is not what I want because it changes the way color texture is displayed on object.

I know one possible solution would be to simply add another UV wrap for object and call it bake or something, but then while this works ok for normal map, it screwes up color texture again… Besides I doubt having two UVs would be good for exporting this object because it needs to be used in game engine which capabilities are still unknown to me.

Is there a way to simply create new bigger image for normal map without UV being resized proportionally?

You will need to make an additional UV layer, for the normals map, and resize your UV coords to fit it. then add the diffuse and normals maps as seperate texture channels. Then, in the map input panel, change map input to UV, and specify the UV layer used for that channel in the text field that says ‘UV:’.

Thank you responding!
I solved this problem by resizing UV wrap down to dimensions of tile color image, and then changing x z and y size of texture to make it smaller compared to object, so I had no problem rendering normal map on this smaller uv, but I’ll try your approach next time.

Ah, good solution, I would not have thought of that.