Changing Keymapping Help


I am just now starting to get into custom key-mapping, but I am kind of confused. A Shortcut I want to add is to the Mark Seam option in the UV context menu, so I go to the preferences window to add the shortcut.

When I’m ready to test the new hotkey I made, pressing the shortcut I made only goes to the Mark Seam Option in the context menu; I’d like to be able to execute the command “Mark seam” with my new shortcut, instead of going to the context menu. Is this possible?

Right click the item you want to give a shortcut, a window should pop up.

I have done that, but whenever I attempt to use the shortcut, it doesn’t actually execute the command “Mark Seam”, it just goes to the context menu that the “Mark Seam” option is on.

Yeah i see now, didn’t want to mess up my shortcuts but i see now you can restore them.

Easiest way i found so far is to add it to quick favorites and then bind a macro to a key so it goes Q > 1.
Where Q is the shortcut for quick favorites and 1 is the number where mark seams is located on the quick favorites menu.

I don’t know if Blender has an internal macro function but i do know some people have made their own macro scripts in the python editor.

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Might have to check out python, then!