Changing lense has no effect on render

Hi all,

I have just done a render with a lens set at 100 (to test something). I do a render and everything is fine and dandy. Now I adjust the lens back to 35 and render again but blender renders with the old lens setting. I’ve just done this in a couple of other blender files to see if it was restricted to this file, but it happens in all of them.

Is this a known issue? Am I missing something?


Hmm, just discovered something. If I render to the Full Screen or Image Editor instead of Render Window it behaves. As soon as I switch back to Render Window the first render is fine, but after that any change to lens is ignored (in fact the render is so quick it appears that it isn’t even rendering at all)

you may be changing the lens setting on a camera that is not used to render. i.e., you have two cameras in the scene, and are changing the wrong one.

or the lens is animated, so you change it and Blender changes it back. And it’s a computer, so its faster.

LOL … yeah I’m aware of computers and speed :). No its definitely not rendering and I’m sure that it is the right camera (Ive Ctrl-O’d it so set selected as viewing cam).

Actually this is getting odder. I’ve just added a new mesh and the new mesh is not appearing. The only thing I can do to reset it is close the app and restart it. I’m using the public release 2.45 on Win XP.

I just tried the same thing on my G4 (Mac) with the same version 2.45 and its fine. Odd. It seems that as soon as the problem starts it continues regardless of which blend I load. And it always seems to be the cam lens that sets it off.

Hope that helps.

It may be a python script that depends on “Frame Changed” information like Ideasman’s Dof Empty script and therefore will be obvious when you animate but not work when you test render single frames though I’ve never had any difficulty with this (can’t remember ever changing then changing back). Lot’s of the features you find in Blender’s GUI are intergrated python scripts.