Changing Merge At Last to a different hotkey not ALT + M context menu

I’m inside Blender User Preferences > Input. I located the Merge tool inside the Mesh dropdown list, but, when I try to create a new hotkey there, there is nothing else I can do there. I use “Merge At Last” tool inside ALT + M panel a lot, but I dislike to ALT + M and CLICK the option I want and rinse and repeat for every hundred vertices I need to merge. I wish to just press Ç for example and make it happen directly. Do I need to create a Python script just for that?

To top it all, when I want to map it to Ç it appears a / instead but the rest of Blender detects it fine, for example, if I write a name at the Outliner with a Ç, the letter appears normally instead of a /. Can someone help me out map this properly please?

I forgot to attach this:

Just create a new shortcut and copy settings used for merge settings new shortcut and ‘At Last’ as the Type. If you don’t see all the options try a more recent build of blender


I thought I had mine up to date. Is version 2.65.0

I’m going to download a new build and see if it works.

Sweet, it works now with the new build :smiley: It still marks it as / but despite this, the Ç works like intended Thanks for the help Richard :wink: +Rep