Changing multiple edges lengths to one size

I have tried to change the edge lengths using an add on, but doesn’t work. How can I change the length numerically.

not clear what you want to do. the way i change an edge’s length is move one vertex on top of the other then move it again along an axis by entering the numbers

try with loop tool
there is a function for equalize edge length

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Do you mean the loop tools addon? I can’t find the equalize edge lengths tool.

check video on site

there is one function when you select line of edges
to make all edges equal in length

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These are the edges that need to be the same length. I have tried to use the space option in the loop tools you mention, but don’t work in this example.


remove loop and redo it
should give same height

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If you delete face ring where you have these different length edges you in fact have 2 different meshes you want to connect using equal width faces. This means one or other half of the mesh should be deformed and you have to decide which will stay and which will deform.

This is fiddly in such a narrow space, however: insert loop in the middle of face loop with your edges you want equal length, Ctrl-r. Escape so that you do not move edge loop yet, press E. You’ll see yellow line with a red dot. Press F - red dot will switch sides. Loop which is not moved yet is ‘flattened’ against where red dot is - your chosen side.
Now slide loop as much as you need (or can) - edges created should have equal length. Delete what’s not needed - dissolve extra edge loop.

Thanks eppo it took me a couple of tries, but it worked. Thanks so much