Changing Multiple Object Slection Mode in Outliner?

I have about 180 empty objects in my scene. I want to make them all temporarily be non-selectable, and then change it back. Is there a way I can do this in the outliner? Or some other way?
Thank you

There may be an easier way, but you can try this. It works on ALL empties in the scene.

  1. In object mode, make sure everything is de-selected (A-key as needed).
  2. In 3D window header, go Select -> Select All By Type -> Empty
  3. In Outliner, open this dropdown and filter by Selected

Only the Empties should be showing in Outliner.
4) In Outliner panel, press A key to select all.
5) Right-click on any of the items, do Toggle Selectable.

Edit: Oh, even easier! No need to “Select All by Type” in 3d window. Select one Empty in Outliner, then in dropdown menu select Same Types. Continue with step 4) above.

To go back to making all selectable, seems you have to manually turn on selectability of just one Empty, then use this trick to toggle all of them.