changing my ram in xp?

ok so im built my computer with 2gb of ddr2 800 but im now wanting to upgrade to 4gb and instead of just buying 2 more gigs of ddr2 800 i was wanting to get ddr2 1066 and just get 2 2gig sticks so my question is can i do this without having to reinstall windows

yea, just pop them in and it should work…

There is a 3 gig limmit on 32 bit windows, just do a quick google and you should find the workaround… I think you just tweak something in the boot.ini file.
Some mother boards will make you tweak the bios to recognise over 3 gigs.

Also, it is very important to match all of your ram sticks… mixing ant matching ram can actually make things quite slow.

ok thanks and what is this 3gig workaround that you mention i know you have to tell it to let applications use more than 2gigs of ram but you should elaborate on what your talking about by the way your signature makes me giggle

Sure, here ya go :slight_smile:

hmm that article made it sound risky should i just go with 3 instead