Changing Object Mesh data automated and make it animatable

I want to automate the change the mesh data of an object. Its basically the change of the mesh in the object data properties, but would like it to be animatable. I could use shape keys but this seems to be complicated. I tried the mask modifier, but I dont get it animatable either, I wonder if it works with geometry nodes: I tried the object Info node but I cant change the default obj remotely, If i use like 8 object Info nodes I dont find a way to dynamlcally reconnect the cables to the geometry out… I bet it is possible but I am stuck, help highly appreciated :sweat_smile:



It’s hard to know exactly what you’re after, but it sounds like you should be looking at recently added “keymesh” functionality, which lets you keyframe new mesh data for a given object.

The mask modifier is animatable by animating the vertex group used to control it, which can be done with other modifiers (like an animated vertex weight edit modifier, or a data transfer or vertex weight proximity from an animated mesh.)

Hi bandages,
thanks for your reply, Keymesh is a great tip I didn´t know, thaks a lot, I also will have closer look to the mask modfier, which seems to be more versaile as expected.
I have been using cinema4d before there is an object called cloner where you gather several objects together, distribute those or make only one of those visible by selecting an index offset, I was thinking about this functionality on an object level, much like I said above, switching the mesh data in the object data properties. Since I think blender is more complex compared to c4d I thought it might be there as well, maybe in the geometry nodes which I havent checkt out much yet. The object Info node is very close, I only need to be able to make a slider so I can change the geometry data…thanks falk

Yeah, there are a lot of different ways to do that kind of thing, but geometry nodes is probably a smart place to start. Good luck! (749.8 KB)

HI, have a look at the file for some inspiration…

You will need, Blender 3.0 from at least 2 days ago…

Hi AlfaChannel,

Wow the switch is what I mean, very helpful, thanks a lot

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