Changing Object Paramaters on Mass?

Hi there, I’m working on a project where I have over 100 duplicated circles scattered around in the scene. When they were duplicated, under the “Object” tab, they had the "Name"toggle turned on. At the time it was helpfull having it on. Now however, I have all these circles with their name displayed, which can be kinda messy and distracting.

My question is, can I turn off all the names on the selected, or all objects in the shot?
I really, really don’t want to have to go in one at a time and toggle of “Name”.

You’d think you could just select all of them and then toggle off “Name” on one and it would affect all of them, but not so.

Anyway… any help you can offer, would be much appreciated.

you could select objects and run this code form a text editor

import bpy
for ob in bpy.context.selected_objects:
    ob.show_name = False

Thanks, that worked.
This is a major problem I’ve been noticing all over blender. The inability to change parameters to multiple selected items. This is just one example… ever try to give a value to multiple keys in the channel editor? No can do… you have to do it one key at a time. For example… in another animation package, I can select a group of keys and just punch in the value and they all move to that new value. Fast and efficient.

Even the outliner seems useless in this regard. I need to shift click on each individual object to basically do nothing but pick them. I should be able to just click the first and then shift click the last and all the ones inbetween should be picked. Or box select. Either way… even with everything selected, I’d still need to go in to each one and modify it.

This is ridiculous.

Sorry about the frustration. I just finished a paying freelance job, and I wanted to utilize Blender. For this particular project, this issue was a big hurdle.