Changing or Adding to the Available Scripts

I have two, nominally identical, installations of Blender on my desktop and laptop. Suprisingly, the available scripts are quite different! I’m writing a tutorial that depends on a particular script. If the reader doesn’t have the script, I don’t know how he can add it.

My installations are used to create content for games using the GameByro engine. Each installation includes: Blender 2.49b, Python 2.6.6, PyFFI 2.1.5, and the Blender NIF Scripts 2.5.5. One installation has the mesh script “Deformed mesh to Rvk”, but the other does not. I’ve tried removing Python and PyFFI and re-installing them, but that did not change the available scripts.

What determines the available scripts and how can they be changed or augmented?

I currently only have version 2.57 installed, so I can’t check the precise folder, but each install should have a “Scripts” folder. You install scripts by simply copying them into that folder.

Boksha, thanks for responding. For my personal use, I can copy the “Deformed mesh to Rvk” script from my laptop to my desktop, as you suggest. The problem is, I’m writing a tutorial that depends on that script. If the user doesn’t have it, he will not be able to follow the tutorial and I don’t know how to help him.

Unfortunately, in the Blender Manual Script list (, clicking on “Deformed mesh to Rvk” provides a link to the old “Rvk1 to Rvk2” script, which is not the same. I thought there was a central script depository, but the only link I’ve found to it is now dead. BTW, I checked and the script is not listed for 2.5x yet. So, I’m at a dead end right now.

Vince, sometimes the script author provides info where to find the script inside the script itself, somewhere at the top usually. Just open it in a text editor and have a look.

If you have the script, can’t you give it to the user? As far as I know, Python scripts for Blender have to be GPL compliant, so you are allowed to distribute them.

But keep in mind that in Blender 2.5x the Python API has changed a lot and scripts written for 2.4x don’t work in 2.5x, so make sure in your tutorial to mention that.

As to where to put the script, there are several locations, here’s info for Blender 2.4x. For Linux, in addition to the paths mentioned, scripts can also be in ~/.blender/scripts or <blender-install-directory>/.blender/scripts or in the user defined scripts directory.

Sanne, thanks for your reply. With a little hunting on the internet I found a site where one can download the newer “Deformed mesh to Rvk” script. See: That solved the problem. I tried it on an installation that didn’t have the script and put the downloaded script in the \Blender.blender\scripts\mesh folder and it works fine.

As you say, I do understand that the 2.5x and 2.4x scripts are not interchangeable. This won’t be a problem for my tutorial as it deals with morph animations exported to the GameBryo engine’s .nif file format, which can only be exported from 2.4x right now.

BTW, I posted on the Python Support forum the issue with the manual’s script list linking the Deformed mesh to Rvk script to the older Rvk1 to Rvk2 Script.

Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile: