changing parenting using script?

Hi, is it possible to change parenting and vertex parenting dynamically using a scipt?

I don’t think so. You can check the functions here.

There is a function to get the parent, but I haven’t seen one to change it.

That is quite an old version of Blender (2.34), so maybe a setParent() function has sprung up. Try it, but I wouldn’t expect it to work.

well thanks for the replies.

Look at Dynamic parent tutorial.

hi Ashid

I had a look at your tut previously… it only worked using sumo (well kinda worked) and not bullet… can it be done using bullet (ie is the theory the same?)… when I ran the demo file with the arrows shooting (using sumo)… the hit the cube and stopped (which was awesome by the way)… then they slowly slid off the cube… hmm this have given ne some ideas to try… do you have a bullet version?

Try it again, I have updated it few minutes ago. Bullet works without problems (IMHO).

hi Ashid… I looked at the file again now works… thanks! It’s a very helpful tut!

Awesome Tut Ashid, thanks.

Hey, Ashid, would you mind changing your arrows.blend file so the comments are in English? As it is, I don’t really get what’s going on.

the link doesn’t work


I have translated all comments in arows.blend to English except script, because it contains basic matrix and vector operations that I believe are explained on many places.


what link do you mean? Link to Dynamic parent tutorial works for me.


thanks for changing the comments! I was going to ask what language it was and see if i could translate it with google or something…


I’m Slovak (as it’s shown in my location field), so it was in Slovak language.

I have read some automated translations from Slovak to English, but most of them were unreadable to me (looked like just words were translated and left in their original positions - words in Slovak sentence are often ordered differently than in English sentence).

oops… i don’t think I’ve ever read the location thing… or noticed it before!