Changing parentrelationship of bones over time?

hello guys,
i have a little problem. I want to animate a charackter with a sword, therefore i need to change the parentrelationship of the “sword-BONE” over time.
In the walkanimation the “sword-BONE” is parented to the “hip-BONE” but while attack animations the “sword-BONE” should be parented to the “hand-BONE”.
how can i do this? :eek:
I hope someone can solve this issue

I think those kinds of setups are solved with multiple constraints instead of parenting. Then you can simply animate the influence of the constraint to make the object (sword) move from one relationship to another.

thank you, this should fix it :slight_smile:

hey, thank´s silv.
i am downloading your file at the moment. I think the file and your explanation should give me enougth information how to fix the problem in a very clean way :smiley:
thank you again

I´m sorry silv, but i could not figure out how to setup the Drivers and the switch “control” property in the correct way :frowning:
I made a screenshot from the setup i´ve made and the error i get.
I hope you can help me out.


DriverSetup(fail).blend (356 KB)

luthio1 : the custom properties seem to need a correct synthax to work when you pick their name in the drivers panel.

On your screen shot in the drivers panel in the graph editor, I can see that you’ve written switch in the path field ; I guess you handwrote it.
Actually this field need to look like [“switch”] (but for example it can be more complex for a custom propertie on a bone in an armature).
To be sure to get the path work you can right-click on your custom property selecting the correct object in the 3D view and click “Copy Data Path” then in the path field in the drivers panel in the graph editor press ctrl+V in order to past this value then if the driver still don’t work you may need to click “Update dependencies” to refresh the path.

thank you so much. now i got it to work. you realy helped me out :slight_smile: