Changing particle shape over time?

Hey there, is it possible to change the shape of particles after they reach a certain age? For example, from


I’m working on an animation in a pixelated world, and I want some chimney smoke (which is pixelated) to immediately change shape after reaching a certain age. I’ve tried playing with Particle Info and all, but to be honest, I don’t really understand Blender’s particle system all that well in the first place. I’m using Cycles in Blender 2.7.8c, by the way.

Thanks for the help.


you could use some modifiers instead of a particle system.
Effects like this can be done with dynamic paint and mask modifier.
If you need it 3D you could use a simple deform modifier to get some animation, edgesplit modifier and solidify modifier and a remesh modifier set to blocks.
Have no Idea how to do that with particles… only way would be with dynamic paint too… in my opinion.
If you play a bit with that modifiers you should get the result you need.


you can also use textures to animate things in dynamic paint… hope it helps a bit