changing physics characteristics

if possible, how can i change the friction/movement damping of an actor in realtime?

F4, Actor, press ‘dynamic’. That opens damping controls. Not that I’m an expert, I’m still trying to remember how to make it bounce :frowning:

no, i mean in real time, probably with python

There’s some settings you can set in the material buttons by clicking on a button samed something like DYN. The control for elasticity which what makes something bounce is in there (starts with an R)

so, how about changing friction and other physics stuff?

Ya thanks Kansas15!
DYNamics at bottom of matirial pane, both objects need to be actors, bouncer with (actor)dynamic.
Seems wierd that its in material, but I’ll adapt :wink:

so about changing those in realtime…

i wanted to change friction a while back in realtime, i spent quite a while scearching around and asking people. sorry but it’s not possible to change friction real time :frowning: