changing pivot point of object


pls tell me how i can change the pivot point of an object in blender.

F9 > Center Cursor

Please post such a questions in Support Forums.

in the edit buttons tab use
“center new” to put the pivot at the center of the object,
“center cursor” to put it at the cursor position
they will both work “in place”

center will move the object to be centered on the pivot so probably not what you want…

as an alternative you could add an armature and bones and make your objects children of the relevant bones (if you want rigid rather than skinned- for skinned just add weights!)…

this approach is nicer for animation as it works better with the pose system, actions and the nla!

thankyou Popski and Michael. I am so glad that i joined in such a responsive forum.

Popski, i am kinda new to these forums and hence i couldn’t figure the right place to thread this Q. Kindly excuse. I will post in the right forums from now on.

thanks again guys.