Changing resolution % doesn't shrink the image

I’m using the 2.8 final release and am experimenting with the compositor. Theoretically, I would expect that an image sequence processed through the compositor that has the resolution % set to 50% would work like how it works when rendering a regular 3D image. That is, a 1920x1080 image at 50% should render the same image but at 960x540:

Unfortunately, it renders basically just the middle of the 1920x1080 image; it doesn’t shrink down the image at all.

At 100%:

At 50%:

Is this the way it’s supposed to operate? Am I missing something? Or did I just discover a bug?

I should mention that the original image sequence is at 1920x1080. Changing the output to 960x540 but with 100% resolution still just chops out the center part of the original 1920x1080 image; it doesn’t resize it as I would have expected it to behave.

You have to re-render the frame to get smaller resolution image. Or add a scale node to your composite. It doesn’t automatically scale images in comp because usually it is not the desired behavior.

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You gave Blender information about scaling the output, but you didn’t tell it to scale the input image.

Add a Scale node set to ‘Render Size’ if you want the input image to scale automatically to match the output.

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Thanks for the suggestion/clarification, @kesonmis and @organic! :+1: