Changing resolution size and/or launching an exe

As far as I know there is no way to change the resolution size in the game engine natively. As a work around you could create a small start up screen in windowed mode and choose settings there. Then when you click play the game would launch pre made launchers at the desired resolution and mode.

How do you launch another exe from the game engine? How would you do it on OSX and Linux? Is this a waste of time (can you change resolution using scripts)?

go to the YO Frankie site and download the game/examples and check/pick/adapt their menu system, maybe?!

I’ve already once overed the Yo! Frankie stuff. It only deals with texture resolution and shader settings. What I’m looking for is a way to change the actual rendering resolution of the game at runtime

Have you seen Blendenzo’s Custom Display Menu template? You can find it here:

That will not work in Blender 2.49a, because they changed the arguments for the blenderplayer. Anyway I give you the code of my menu, but I don’t know if this works in Blendenzo’s template. Here is the code:

import Rasterizer
import GameLogic
import os
import string

# Get Controller
controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()

# Get Object
owner = controller.owner

# Get Actuator
endMenu = controller.actuators["end Menu"]

if owner["go"] == True:
    owner["go"] = False
    program = os.getcwd() + "\Blenderplayer.exe"
    blenderfile = "..\Blends\Loader.blend"
    if owner["DisplayMode"] == "-f ":
        arguments = " " + owner["DisplayMode"] + owner["Resolution"] + "32 60 " + blenderfile 
    elif owner["DisplayMode"] == "-w ":
        arguments = " " + owner["DisplayMode"] + owner["Resolution"] + "16 16 " + blenderfile

#    print program + arguments

    os.spawnl(1, program, arguments) 

#    os.execl(program, arguments) 
#    os.system(program + arguments)

    print "closing Menu.blend"

Hadn’t seen that, thanks for the link and code!

No problem. I’m glad that I could help. :slight_smile:

yet another little loader with animated buttons :

the exe can be used immediately with your game.
I suppose (I hope) it works for both -w -p or -w runtimes

Another option is to build a program to act as a launcher to the game, like I did for Concept RPG (link)

Moguri, it’s the same than yours but in a game engine