Changing scale for better texture pixels, how?

It turns out my fabric is too much zoomed in. This happend cause when i unwrapped all the parts, i wanted to fit them all in one 2D sheet, so i scaled them. So now any texture i add on it, turns out bigger obviously.

I red that i can change this in the node editor going to add>vector>mapping and change the scale numbers, but nothing happens.

I assume i am not plugging in right. What am i missing here? Thanks for the help!

Your material is using the object as the texture coordinates not your UVs which I assume you want to use given you’ve unwrapped the object

I plugged it in UV after i took the picture, sorry wrong picture. But still nothing changes.

Select all your UV’s in the UV editor (A) and scale them up (S).

Try using the UV input node instead of the coordinates and make sure you have named and are using the correct UV map for the texture. I’ve come across this when I have had more than one UV map on the object. I can’t tell from your images what UV maps you have.

@DCBloodHound thats just fixing texture to be zoomed out, but the raster sheet stays the same size and all the UV’s are out of that sheet… So they dont match their pattern on the 3D model like that.

You mean plug into UV instead of objects on ccordinates? Already did that. I have tried so many different scales (high and low) but it doesnt change a thing. Im not sure what u mean by different UV maps.

I had someone else helping me out yesterday and i tried all the possible ways. The problem was that i had my 3D model in texture instead of material. So whenever i scaled the texture, the whole pattern would move out of its place.

For this couch i used to texture and i edited them onto the 2D UV map so they were exact in the borderlines. Like this i cant scale the texture without it moving out of its place. I cant think of another way that it will work. I think with two textures its not possible or am i wrong here? Does anyone know that and bother to explain me?

Or is it better to just use 2 Uv maps so the unwrapped parts can be bigger and handle the texture better?

I just dont know how to do both ways…