changing scale of particle per-particle.

Hi everyone,
I’m working on my graduation film and I need to create a field of plants growing.

for now, I’m trying to create a single stem (a beveled curve) where its bevel factor drives an emitter along the same curve to emit the leaves. I want the leaves to be born small and take a second to grow.

animating the scale parameter under “physics” scales everything simultaneously.

and idea as to how to make the leaves grow only when they’re born?

any other approaches to animating growing plants will be appreciated.
thanks :slight_smile:

What I would probably do is make the plant a mesh, use shape keys to animate growth, then make several duplicates of it and randomize the growth pattern and speed.Then make them a group and emit them as particles. You can use separate shape keys to drive the stem and leaves.

You can also use texture color ramps to control the size over time based upon when the particle is born.


27_particles_size_over_time.blend (104 KB)

thanks for the quick replies guys! :slight_smile:

so how do I use texture to control size? will it work in cycles too?

apparently texture control size only if I use newtonian physics, which I rather not doing because I need the laves to stay in place…