Changing scene and keeping player position

Hi all,

I done the following blend file so in the collision with the cube (door) the scene is changing.
How can I keep the player in both off my scenes?

Thank you.

You can have a background or overlay scene to keep info and have some constant logic running!
A simpler logic brick way is to have the player spawn in the new scene at the desired position!

Is there a tutorial for “spawning” an object in a new scene?

Impossible with logic bricks. You’d have to duplicate your player. (If you want to use multiple scenes, that is.)

Not completely impossible.
Blender can link object through scenes. The same object can be linked to a hidden layer and be spawned on demand.
Here’s an example levels.blend (629 KB).
I only used logic bricks. Main scene is used to control all other scenes. And scene 1 is used as a hub. Note that there’s no position actuator, and the motion actuator doesn’t take values from properties, otherwhise, one could save NPC or object positions in each scene, so when you go back there, the changes are replicated.

Hope it helps.

Thank you torakunsama this is great.

You are welcome.
It’s logic bricks only, so you can study the blend. I used messages and states to add and remove scenes!