Changing Scene Causes Textures To Be Fuzzy

Not sure how to explain this very well, but anywho: The menu is on a different scene than the map, and when changing scenes TO the map FROM the menu, the textures on the ground (Grass & Pavement) become fuzzy and ugly. By looking at the pictures below, you’ll understand better of what I am trying to say.

It works fine when I play it from the scene, but when going through the menus, and changing the scene whith the logic bricks, it causes this!

What can I do to fix this? :frowning:

EDIT: It’s more noticable in the actual game, more than the screenshots.


Maybe a filter?

I never saw such things.

Very strange… perhaps I accidently added one somehow, but then it would probably appear when playing it straight from the scene.

It looks like you have mip-maps disabled on the ‘sharp’ textures. The fuzzy version looks better to me, as it’s less ‘in your face’. In any case, have you disabled mip-maps on your textures?

It was this, thanks much Solar, and I kinda do agree, it looks nice (considering it’s a horror game) but I don’t know… It looks very awkward when navigating around the map.

Thanks Again! :smiley: