changing scene not working- too big

yo sup I have been working on a game for ages and its almost finished however when I save it as a runtime it will load the menu scene, but when I press play it crashes. it wont crash in blender but it does in runtime.
if I save it as a runtime with the main game as the starting scene it DOES load, if if there a way to have multiple runtimes that close and load to play the game that would work also.
I plan to sell it when its finished but I need some help.

Find out what’s causing the crash. On Linux or mac, run it from a terminal to see any output.
Any details you can tell us would be great, things like:

  • Are you using any scripts?
  • What’s in those scripts?
  • How are you managing scenes?
  • How do you switch between them?

Any detail of the system is great.

its a fps, so there is a mouselook script, and there’s a viewports script on one of them. other than that its all logic brick, and I change through the scenes via logic brick also. the scenes are manages like: a menu scene"that it start-ups on", a game scene"where you play the game" and a hud, and a inventory scene. My system is running windows 8, 4Gh quad core, and AMD 2GB A graphics card