changing scenes

is there a way of moving an object from one scene to another without creating an entirely different scene then deleting all the other objects?

Add a new Scene and select Empty from the dropdown, go back to your original scene and select the Object then Ctrl-L >> To Scene. This just creates a Link (blue OC) Instance and the Object in the new scene can only be edited in the original scene. To free it you can Duplicate it and delete the Link-Instance.


I was interested in the answer to that too.

When I try CTR-C, I get a ‘Copy Attributes’ menu with a bunch of choices.

Selecting the other scend from the outliner and pressing CTR-v doesn’t do anything.

What do you mean by “>> To Scene” ?


My bad, thanks for spotting that. It’s Ctrl-L not C.


You can also select the linked copy and press U (make single user). You can unlink just the object, or textures and materials to.