Changing Scenes

Hello, I am in the process of making a killer whale game. You go around swimming the ocean and viewing the environment. I have it set up so when you get near to a lowpoly version of the marina a window pops up and asks if you would like to go in closer. So you click enter to go in. You are now in a high poly version of the marina. The problems that i now face are these.

  1. The window asking if you want to go to the marina is still up. (i think i no how to fix this)
  2. The audio from the previous scene is still playing over top of the marina scene.

OK, now for part two.
You also have the option to go back to the ocean. When you do it just goes back to the ocean scene. But the thing is it always resets the scene, so you are now in the middle of the ocean, rather than just outside the marina. If anyone knows how i can get the whale to spawn near the marina that would be great. If not, then i will have to live with it.
Please keep in mind that i will have many areas {scenes} you can go to, so i cant just move my character to always spawn outside the marina.
Thanks, hope to hear from you guys soon.

For the menu use an overlay scene, then remove it when ever you don’t want it.

EDIT: Also, a quick and dirty way to get out of switching back and forth from scenes, is just suspending the main scene, then adding the new one as an overlay.
NOTE: The scenes should have real object backgrounds for that trick to work. :wink:

i will look into suspending the scene.
I have figured it out mostly (i think, and hope), but thanks for the quick response.

Check the SaveLoder ( to store the scene state. It includes a portal demo. I think that is what you need.