Changing Screen Resolution in Ubuntu

Hi, recently i got Linux Ubuntu 10 on my computer. Somehow it does not recognize my screen resolution. How can i add it? or whatever i have to do

System > preferences > monitors

While (jay) is certainly being helpful, this may not work for you. Much as I enjoy and promote Ubuntu Studio (10.10 currently) I shifted to a Wubi installation after prolonged “dual boot” blues with a standard install. I suspect that your “problem” is the video drivers, or lack thereof for your card. I have an excellent NVidia card, but have not been able to ever get the drivers to work properly, wasted way too much time problem solving this with the kind help of others, and currently the move to 11.04 (Beta) has not yet resolved this persistent and annoying aspect of Linux Ubuntu at least to my knowledge on the forums,, which is where this question may have a better chance of being resolved, as it is not a Blender issue… Good luck.

and your graphics card is ?

none… I have an integrated one in the AMD E8400 or so?

never mind it is q45 intel