Changing size of brush [sculpt mode] by holding a key

It’s great that in Blender there is possibility to configure everything :slight_smile:
As default in Blender, when I’m in sculpt mode, when I want change size of brush, I’m presing F Key and when brush size is as desired, I’m pressing LMB who is confirms the size selection.
My question is :slight_smile:
Is it possible to create such a solution that I hold the F key and when I release it, then I approve the size?
I will be grateful for your help.
Greets :slight_smile:


That would double the amount of UI interaction: rather than ADJUST/DONE it would be ADJUST/CONFIRM/DONE.

IMO that would seriously slow the operation, and contribute negatively to the UX of ‘smoothness’.


That’s backwards. Adjust-confirm-done is what it is now :slight_smile:


  • tap key (that is, press key, release key)
  • drag
  • click to confirm


  • press key
  • drag
  • release key to confirm

I find it annoying too, but I don’t think it can be changed, not even by an add-on because add-ons use whatever Blender provides for them. It’s how the UI has been designed so you would have to change the Blender’s code for that.

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Huh. I could have sworn that Texture Paint brushes already worked that way. Weird. Maybe I jumped timelines again.

Anyway: thumbsup to the proposed method - there’s already far too much clicking.

Sometimes it’s possible to “wedge” commands between key events and the program: I’ve used AutoHotkey (AHK) to pull such tricks. Basically it would insert a mouse click for you after you released the F key. --I should use AHK to fix the bloody file dialog.

Can You explain me how to wedge this hotkeys ?


DL “AutoHotKey”, AHK. Install. It’s a scripting program that gets first shot at mouse and keyboard events. It can pass them thru, or do something, like fake a keypress.

Basically you’ld have it watch the F key. On release it would fake a left mouse click. That’s pretty much the whole idea.

You can limit AHK’s scripts to specific programs, and even specific windows within a program. That way your script is limited in its scope – you don’t want it working in a word processor after all.

It’s amazing.

Agree! It would be much efficient!
I’m trying to find a solution for that atm.

If You will have any solution, show it :slight_smile: I will be very interested :slight_smile: