Changing speed of alembic imported sim

Hi. I am using Storm to create particle simulations. The particles are in a container and after releasing them they fall into a duct. I am quite happy with Storm , but the simulation seems too fast…
I can see in Blender that the modifier MeshSequenceCache allows me to control the speed.

Unfortunately changing the velocity scale does not seem to affect the sim.

Here is the file:
ToSTORM.blend (4.6 MB)

What if you change the frame rate?

You mean the scene frame rate?

Yup the scene frame rate.

Hey i gave also started using storm and from what i know about alembic is it should stretch to the scene fps

I am not sure what we are talking about to be honest…I am talking about how to slow down a sim.
The FPS of Storm and Blender are the same …so not sure what are the proposals…

Try under your scene tab ( N panel) the remapping…
Set from OLD ( default ) is 100 > to NEW 150…to slow it down…lower than 100 speeds up…
You will need to add frames to get all the simulation from the original time.

also some tips/hacks from this might also help…

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I’m sure you solved your issue, in the meanwhile here is how to retime a alembic cache (Blender 3.1 atm): importing an .abc you’ll get a MeshSequenceCache, go to “Time” then “Override Frame”. Here you need to remap frames (like the Kronos node in Nuke).
Hope it helps.