Changing Standard <-> Stereo mode within a game. 2.53


I try to find how to use the stereo and stereo_mode in bpy.types.SceneGameData in a game.
And I have not found any script yet explaining how to switch from standard to stereo mode in a game.

It should be possible:

The help we get in the console with auto completion is not enough for me.
I know I must learn how to use this API, but any help would be great.

The bpy module is not intended to be used inside the Blender Game Engine.
In order to play with the stereo mode (or the dome for instance) you have to start the game already with it turned on.

[change the render mode to Game Engine and go to the scene panel]

The settings you can change with Python are eye separation and focal length. Both available in the Rasterizer module.

Thank you, Dfelinto, for your answer.