Changing the Blender Interface

I heard somewhere that someone made a plug in or something for blender that can chang einterface into 3ds max style interface? Is that true? where can i find it?

You heard wrong.

Not a plug, just blender’s standard interface. My current setup looks very much like Max (minus the button bar across the top which broken is trying to fix. :slight_smile: ) A slightly dated interface doc is here There’s also a reference to the Themes settings which allow to change colors and buttons.

Basically you just put the inteface panels on the right and use vertical layout instead of horizontal and then add the 4 view panels etc. etc. Not a template thing but a similarity thing. Grab a copy of my layout here (see how far off the mark I am). Not a work in concrete but the current sate. Something I need to change but I can’t ever remember what it is untill there’s a massive render under way.