Changing the "bounding sphere size" of an actor

What I want to achieve:
I have a sphere which is my character.
Obviously when I press “p” it falls to the ground as physical gravity do.
This is normal.

But I want it to be HIGHER in “up-down size” only(weight is the word??)

Like I dont want to increase the side of this bounding sphere as it is going to be larger and will not fit in betweens object or doors.

I just want to Increase the BOTTOM part of this bounding sphere so it can be higher and not larger!

I have a hint:
“Change the Bounds type to Convex Polytope (other types can be done but are more complex to setup)”
It sems to be convenient for characters moving.

But When I select the option nothing visually happens…! I mean the pink dots forming a sphere representing the bounding box, are still the same.
I was expecting or thinking they going to take another shape like a PEAR shape instead of an apple shape??

“It seems I have to change the shape of the bounding size sphere.”

Any ideas,??:confused:

Here a beginning of explanations:

I think i got it thanks to someone on another post!

I just had to move the camera up…

…:o :o :o :o :o :o :o …

Sometimes to be a good blenderer or multimedia person, its better to STOP the computer for 3secondes and THINK!
Im talking for myself lol

Many thanks then!
ps: still curious about how changing this PINK dots shape, if it is possible of course.

It is possible to move the pink dot in the middle of the shape, this represents where the dynamic circle of your sphere is placed, and where it rotates from. If you go into edit mode and move the vertices, then dot will not be moved, so this can be a useful way to move the dot around (moving the vertices in edit mode, than moving the entire object). There is another way by using the “centre cursor” button in the edit windw (F9).