Changing the color of one material changes the color on another object

Hi im Working on This project and i duplicated an object probably like 20times but now i want to apply different material colors on each one of them.
But everytime i edit the material output of any of them IT Makes all of them That exact material.

Çan you please help me figure out how to stop That from happening?
I tried unlink, removing the material slot/adding New ones and more but IT still edits all of my duplicated objects too.

By default. Blender makes instanced materials when you duplicate object… you can edit the duplication parameters in the user preferences.
But. It’s not necessary. You have just to understand datablock system.
By default… the material is attached to the mesh. (Parameters green triangle) if you instance (alt+d) this object , the mesh ll be shared by two objects. So in the mesh pannel(green triangle) you ll see a number after the name of the mesh. That means that 2 objects use the same mesh and by default the materials are attached to the mesh… so if they are instanced you have to de instancify… by clicking the number after the mesh. But if you want to keep the instanced meshes. You have to specify that the material is not attached to the mesh but to the object in the parameters material pannel.

Menu Window/Save Screenshot sounds like a better solution to get screenshots.