Changing the default hotkeys for copy paste when hovering over text?

Hi! I’m using a strange keyboard and want to change the hotkeys for copy pasting when hovering. Is it possible? I couldn’t seem to find it in the key configuration.
The keys I use for copying and pasting are:
Copy: Ctrl + Ins
Paste: Shift + Ins

I don’t think it’s possible as those are OS shortcut keys, not Blender’s.

In User Preferences -> Input there’s a section on the right-hand side for Text. If you pop that open, there is an entry for Copy and another for Paste. I have no idea if they’ll override everything across the board in Blender (or even if they’ll do anything at all) but you could certainly mess with them.

Yeah, I tried changing all of those but the hover thing didn’t change. I guess it’s hard coded to ctrl c and v or something.

Anyway, I solved this by creating an Autohotkey script and remapping some buttons to ctrl c and v. It would be nice if you could change the hover copy paste keys in the future. :ba: