changing the default setting of a tool

By default in the settings of dissolve edges tool… Dissolve vertex is not enabled. You can enable it and once its done it will stay there for the session. So… was wondering is there any ( pythonic or other ) way I can change the default behavior to dissolve vertex enabled so that when I launch blender and use dissolve edge… Dissolve vertex is enable. Well… this is one tool and can be applied to others also…

you can change the py script that adds a button to a panel and supply the default arguments you want, and edit the keybindings to use certain default settings as well.

layout.operator(“mesh.dissolve”) --> layout.operator(“mesh.dissolve”).use_verts = True

Note that in 2.69 testbuild 1 there are all 3 dissolves listed in the menu, and each is a separate operator.