Changing the DPI of an image in Blender

Hi again. I’m making a picture that will be printed on a card and it needs to be a pretty high resolution. It looks fantastic on the computer screen, but multiple printing websites say that it’s too low of a resolution. Right now i’m rendering a picture twice the size so i can scale it down, but i’m not sure how this will look.Is there an option within Blender to increase the DPI (Dots Per Inch) of an image? Thank you for you help!


Hi mate. I’ve done stuff for print, myself. Unfortunately, the way you are doing this is the ONLY way you can render an image out of Blender. 3D renders only work in pixels. You can roughly translate each pixel as a “dot” and do the math, so if you need a 300dpi image, 300x300 will roughly equal 1 cubic inch when resized in Phoshop (or Gimp).

So a 10x8in photo should be rendered at: 3000x2400 pixels 1:1 ratio (square pixels).