Changing the interface of Blender 2.53 beta

Is it possible to change the interface of Blender 2.53 beta into something similar to that of Photoshop CS5?
As the lay out is by default I find it taking up unnecessarily large amount of space and could by using a layout similar to Photoshop save space and maby make the interface easier to navigate.

Is it possible or is this stuff to deeply integrated within blender or something to be able to change it?

First thought is that Blender is not Photoshop, and I for one don’t think it should be. Second is, you do know that practically every menu, window and tab in blender is minimizable and customizable right? If you don’t have enough space then minimize some stuff until you need it and change the size of some windows.

I know that you can remove and minimize every bit of interface there is in blender if you’d want do. But it is not that I am after.

What I am after with a change in this direction would be interface and menus that are more streamlined. The menus should in some way make you able to access almost all tools of interest at the expense of none to very little workspace. It should also be an as seamless experience as possible when using blender.

I shouldn’t have to minimize items in the menus because they take up to much space for me to be able to access the menu i want. Menus should in my opinion not have to edited in such a fashion that is needed now.

But i take it it is possible to edit the menus and layout of the menus however you want since it is all written in python?

Blender allows you to do this. Like any good photoshop user, learn keyboard shortcuts.
Most useful ones for tools are quite logical:
Ctrl+V = Vertex tools
Ctrl+E = Edge tools
Ctrl+F = Face tools
W = specials menu

As the UI is all python based there is nothing stopping a user with the neccessary python skills to change the interface to however they want.