Changing the Interpolation of a Section of an IPO Curve

I have a animation that’s about 30 seconds long with IPO curves covering the length of the animation.

The problem is that near the end I need a small section of the IPO curve to use linear interpolation and not bezier. When I go into edit mode, select the points of the curve I want to change, and click on linear, nothing happens. It would seem that I have to make the whole curve either bezier or linear.

I know that I must not be doing something right here. Being able to not change individual points is kind of useless.

bump. I’m trying to figure this out too. It’s kinda annoying. There has to be a way.

There is a way. The interpolation mode affects all the keys on the IPO curve. To just change some of the keys, you need to change their Handles. To get the equivalent of linear interpolation, choose vector handle types for the few keys you need to change.

The Handle Type is in the IPO window edit mode Point menu, up at the top. Hot key for vector handles is V.