Changing the parent of a bone/object during an animation

I’ve started making some animations for my Vega model and i’m about to start an animation where he is going to be drawing his sword.

The sword is stored on his lower left arm, and in the animation his right hand reaches to grab it. So when he grabs it i need to change the parent to the right hand for more animations.

Is there a way to do this or not?

Shore. I’m not fully aware of how your scene is set up, maybe you can post a blend, but the way to go is to use constraints, namely the child of, copy location and copy rotation constraints, which should be applied to bones for each separate item you need your character to have control over.

pttbastos is right, I posted about this in another thread with an example .blend (2.49) here:

To expand on ptbbastos’ technique: I follow a way described by Tony Mullen in one of his books. Make an extra bone and parent it to the Hand.R bone. This will be the Hold.R bone. You can then give a Copy Loc (+ Copy Rot) Constraint to your sword. Simply Keyframe the Influence on 0, right on the frame before the hand grabs it. Then on the next, Keyframe it to 1. It will now completely follow the Hold-bone, and thus the hand.

Just what i needed, Thanks guys