Changing the point of rotation

noob question here, just started learning Blender this week…

Let me see if I can articulate this correctly…

How do I change the point of rotation (or perspective) so I can zoom in/out and rotate around any area I want. Right now I’m working on a simple man figure and I zoom in and out and rotate around this guy’s right foot and I want to be able to do more stuff to his head. Any help?


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The C key will center the point of rotation about the 3d cursor. You can position the cursor, then press C. or, to easily position the cursor on an object, select the object, press shift-s, then select "cursor to selection, then press the c key. Also, see the following for a complete list of hot keys:

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You can use the buttons under mesh to control the objects centre

eg hightlight in object mode
‘Centre’ will centre the object to existing point
‘Centre New’ will make the centre of the object the new rotation point.
‘Centre Cursor’ makes the 3D cursor the new centre


I don’t think JinJ’s suggestion is quite what you’re after - those buttons change the actual centre point (and therefore pivot point) of the object/mesh, not the rotation of the 3D viewport.

OBIRon’s suggestions look like what you’re after. I’ll add that in edit mode pressing “Num.” (Num key ‘period’) centres rotation on the selected vertex - but it also zooms to it so be prepared.

Try kernond’s Pivot Power video tutorial. It is an excellent guide to the many ways of setting up the rotation pivot in Blender.