Changing the Real Cursor ?

hi there.

im sorry if this question has been already asked here, i couldn’t find it anywhere. but, is it possible in blender Game to actually change the Real Operating system Cursor using " .cur " Files ? Can python Do this ? and if it is possible , can someone show me how if it’s not too mush asking ? or link me to a tutorial somewhere…

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No, the BGE does not support that. Typically, you create an own 3D-Cursor. see 3D Cursor

hmm, yes i was actually aware of that technique. i alreay seen your post i tried it and found that it doesn’t behave quite as i was hoping. my game project im working on does require some solid cursor behavior, and using that technique pops up some unwanted resaults. what i mean for example, if you move the cursor quickly to one edge of the screen, he get’s stopped by the edge “Before” Visually Touching the Edge. like if there is an invisible Edge ( boudaries ) for the cursor. i guess that it’s because the real “hidden” cursor does get to the edge, but the 3D one doesn’t update as fast as the real one.

do you get that too when you try it ? is it just on my machine ?
is there a way to fix this ?

anyway thanks for the quick reply monster.

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This is because the system mouse cursor leaves the application window. Unfortunately it also means the BGE can’t detect it anymore.

Good point. Maybe this can be solved somehow.


It can easily be resolved by adding some visibility logic:

Mouse Over Any Sensor
–> AND -> Visibility Actuator set visible
–> NOR -> Visibility Actuator unset visible

The mouse cursor is OS dependent. It can be done through Python, although it might be more advanced since it’s done through the OS’s API.

Nice, i loved your creative trick to fix it monster. it’s perfect on the blender viewport, but unfortunately does no effect on the fullscreen blender player version.

i guess i will use it as a placeholder, untill i find the python OS cursor way of doing it. the thing is im not good with python programming, and unless a python veteran already done it and shared it somewhere, its gonna take a while.

i needed to know if python “can” acces that part of the OS, and now i guess it’s possible. thanks mahalin and monster.
Time for Some Python Digging.