Changing the text content in 3d text objects


I use Blender for editing video a lot and for my current project I need to generate a lot of lower thirds and other titles which look the same except for the text.

I figured I could do this in Blender by having a template scene with the lower third set up and then writing a script to parse a list of titles to generate which will duplicate the scene and change the text accordingly.

Having done some digging, I believe this is possible but I haven’t had any success in changing the content of 3D text objects.

Can anyone help me out here?

(Using Blender 2.5)

When I was new with blender this baffled me till I figured it out. You have to put it in edit mode TAB key.

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear. I meant via the python API.

In 2.49, if you text object is “Text.003”, the following changes its displaying text to “Hi there!”:

Txt = Text3d.Get("Text.003")
st = "Hi there!"


in 2.5 try this one

obt = bpy.context.object
tcu =


tcu.body = T1

this will add a new object with the text
but not certain if it can be modified ounce added

may have to find a way to clear it first then add new text !