Changing the viewport to a precise spot

Hey, for my current project I am using the Spin function quite a bit. As you may know, one of the inputs for this function is based on which way the view port is looking. I need to have the view port angled so the it is looking 26.565 degrees Z of X. Is this possible in blender or do I have to think of some sort of work around? Thanks in advance.

1: create a face, at the precise angle you want.
2: align view to face, it’s in one of the menus

A couple other options that should do the trick…

A) Rotate the object 26.565 degrees in the opposite direction and perform your spin operation.
B) Set the Camera to the position you need, switch to Camera View (Numpad 0), switch to Orthographic view if needed (Numpad 5), and perform your spin operation.

Hi. I am also interested in knowing how to programmatically align the view. Does anyone know of a way to align (not just the camera, but also the viewport) to a particular vector?



I realized that there is is a keyboard - shortcut feature to align your viewport exactly, that is not very well known. it is not covered by any tutorial i saw, so i decided to make a micro tip clip myself…

in words: press and hold the shift key while a face or edge is selected in edit mode. you can then align your viewport to the selection using the numpad in the usual way :spin: ! the same thing works in object mode, but slightly different. experiment…

I am sorry, at this time this feature doesnt seem to work on windows machines. but i am sure it will work somedays.

More information about what i found while testing on a windows machine: