Changing to upbge for my downloadable maritime routes

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I wish to change to all UPBGE, making maritime routes as detailed on my thread. I am having a problem working out how use it in an embedded mode for my downloadable zip files. At present people download 2.79b and open my zip files of the maritime simulation of approx. 20km to 30 km.

I wrote the details on my maritime thread. . Not sure of the procedure on this forum and I would think UPBGE needs it own forum as it is important ! If they have one could a link be made to it

I will copy my details from the work in progress thread here also, but if copied post not permitted, just delete this post

If I keep the website after next Spring I need to do things differently.
My site is read worldwide not just this forum and the method used for the downloads need to be simple.

The present procedure I used zip file with 3 items blend file the route, readme and seperate folder for textures. The person downloading needs to download 2.79b just the once and does not need to know how to use Blender as only required to open the blend file. I have a link also to the archived 2.79 on my site but will remove this when 2.8 arrives and no longer link to download Blender. It must be embedded and then routes are currently about 10 to 15 meg.

I tested upbge on silloth route opened it with UPBGE made with ‘Blender’
Opened nicely straight into the game engine not edit mode.

I am thinking of changing just to UPBGE.
Uninstalled Blender and installed latest blender upbge.
Using the already made Silloth route converted to upbge.
Extracted folder ‘Release’ from zip as test and linked the route to upbge.
The problem is people downloadinng need an exe. file to intall upge which is already upbge plus blender. Then when they open my zip and extract my blendupbge route folder is should load OK.

It works OK for me but would need to make it foolproof for others and not download Blender but Blenderupbge, Would that overload upbge servers.

If possible could you keep this post in this section as directly relates to my maritime routes only.

re previous post upbge worked yesterday but not today. So for others worlwide to be able to download upbge it would need to work the same as the embedded Blender. i.e The person downloading downloads one upbge version which automatically installs onto their computer. Then downloads my route zip file currently approx. 10 to 20 megs each. 3 components texture folder, blendupbge file, readme in each zip. It must be embedded to work with one installation of upbge, and one seperate download for each of the various zip maritime route files say 10 to 20 meg each. nothing else.

This all refers to others downloading, not for myself !
This will decide me, in the next few months. I have decded to pack up Blender version of Blender as no longer practical for others to download as no game engine in 2.8. Also UPBGE must be easy to install once only …for others.

Hope sombody could give some help on this as if looking at it from the viewpoint of somebody outside of Blender Artists who wishes to dowload easily my free routes. They should not need to backtrack to the archive to download embedded 2.79b. I am quite happy continuing to make free routes for download as I have done for several years but the kis principle applies for downloads, especially outside of Blender Artists, who might not know anything about Blender except to download one version and than can forget it (keep it simple kis). Hopefully upbge will be the same if somebody can sort it out for me,

Thanks for reading this far and I appreciate the work being put into UPBGE.

I will put links to upbge here
Also can put one on my site if requested.


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If possible to make the download as smple like the embedded Blender I could convert my current 5 maritime routes to UPBGE, then test run a few upbge downloads to my computer.

Once UPBGE is installed by others I only then want to make my zip files 20 to 30 km approx without the 360 or meg UPBGE attachmnet each time in the download.

Better still if somebody could test a download once I convert my routes to BGE. at 10 to 20 meg zip files approx. If upbge system not possible I will call it a day on Blender in 2 months or so.



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Maybe I need a back up alternative plan and see what the max. size of mesh is in Blender 2.8 could be. I only need to know a few features.

I need minimum of 20km mesh and have made meshes up to 40 km based on srtm/hgt. Needs only 1 roaming camera and timeline to move ships along preset paths betwen ports/harbours. Also textures only read from enclosed texture folder with each route. Animation mainly open/close dock gates, maybe locks and rise and fall of water sheet at 20 km to simulate wave swell. All of which I have made and used previouly.

As I have mentioned many times critique not required but discssion and workable tested ideas relating to the routes could always be considerd…but must not affect frame rates unduly.

Also maybe best to no longer use scenarios…collect cargo, barge run aground, collect crew etc, which are in a few of my current routes for download as people could always make them themselves if they wanted to.
Also if the embedded function removed what would be the size of download. Stand alone not practical when current max. size of my zip files approx 15 meg and there will/could be numerous routes following along coastline? Thanks B

p.s. 2.8 Opened 25km route as outline and mesh. No idea how to add the textuture from texture folder and if possible.

I don’t know what is happening with UPBGE but it opened all my maritime routes fine in game engine mode working perfectly. My routes are for download by others using embedded so again…the whole set up is becoming a maze blender 2.8 and upbge (for me).

I think it would be only 2.79b for downloads and UPBGE if I new what was happening with upbge for downloads and if people could easily install it and if it doe not get too complex like 2.8 (for me).

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  1. if you got a question ask the question, don’t come with walls of text, noone even i care about reading 1 wall after another where maybe 1 or not even a question hides in.

  2. what runs in blender runs in upbge

  3. yes possible you can scan directories for files if .blends you can then even libload them.

  4. textures make a solid folder structure like:

  • /my_game/
    • /textures/
    • /fonts/
    • /blends/
    • etc.

put you blend in the blend folder and redo all textures, so place all textures into the texture folder, and in the blend set the path to that texture/folder. (same way as making an .exe executable)

now the only thing a user has to do is eiter replace the textures and blend or just add them to it.

I’m still not sure what you actually want but, as far as i can tell, yes everything is possible.

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Right first I won’t be using blender 2.8 as unsutable.

I make maritme routes for download using 2.79b.

Next I will be using Blender upbge if i can fathom out how to use and embedded version not for me but for the person who downloads the zip file of my maritimes routes.

My routes for download on the domain name severs are currently up to about 10 to 20 megs and 20 to 30 kms.

A stand alone zip download would not be possible due to file size as I have made dozens of downloads available in the past and not just one small game.

The query is about UPBGE only and how would a person anywhere in the world open my maritime route file of UPBGE of 10 to 20 megs easily as they will need the full UPBGE from their website.

I can’t make it any clearer and if unable to follow it I don’t want a lecture as the previous post by a forum member just an answer to a query if possible and if known.

Finally I won’t post further on this forum as have similar post on my thread Maritime world of Blender part 3 which has numerous posts from me and details of the downloads over 3 threads.

I only posted here as not sure if it would be read on the games demos and work in prgress.

Maritime simulations can never be completed but a a few are also on the completd forum as unlikely to add more to those.


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I have no idea with the embedded version but:
i would create a standalone.exe and scan a ‘route’ folder for routes you have

use those folders in a way like:

  • every route has a default.blend
  • the route itself
  • textures
  • everything else needed for the route

scan folder, grab default.blend from directory. default.blend loads in the route.blend
While you have the folders, i would make a menu that shows the folders, so the user can select a route easy and fast by your automated menu/launcher.

Best part of this, the user only downloads your launcher.exe once, then he can download every route he likes to play/explore and unzip it into the route folder. Your launcher then will handle everything else.

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First thanks very much for reply.
Just been having another dabble with a converted route to UPGE. Downloaded upbge which contains ‘Release’ folder. From which you select blend upbge file.

I think upbge would need a proper installer for people to download it from their site. Then open my routes zip file and double click the upbge blend file. Initially I followed the progress of upbge from the beginning but have my doubts now about it. Even converting the routes is tricky as seems to use ver 2.8 Blender.

I will probably now stick with 2.79b as easy for anybody who opens my route blend files and easy for me to use for large routes, once they install Blender and double click the blend file and change edit to game engine.

2.79b should be archived for a good few years and I have a link to it on my site. Might renew the domain name contract come Spring to enable the downloads as undecided on it at present. The reason for exploring upbge and 2.8 now, etc.

I will see if UPBGE comes up with some installation ideas and if it has has long time support. Thanks… Barry

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On these forums I am no longer posting screenshots or past-ages details. See site if interested in maritime bygone times basic routes, mini-screenshots, etc… I can reply to queries and discussion.

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Change of plan waiting to see how upbge develops and using 2.79b No blend files would open with ordinary Blender but windows restore from about week ago fixed it. Not sure of having Blender 2.79b and UPBGE installed at the same time or due to a different problem.

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I imagine both the Blender and UPBGE installers associate .blend files with their respective executables, meaning the last one to be installed will be the one that .blend opens with.

You could try bundling the game engine runtime in with the simulation, but that will get it flagged as “downloaded from the Internet” and be blocked by Windows (until manually unblocked by the user). The normal solution to that is to make an installer and sign it with a certificate, but certificates are (or were, it was a few years ago when I last bought one) very expensive.

That’s a tough challenge…

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Thanks Dave.
To be honest I don’t need UPBGE as will just carry on using 2.79b.
It has what I need to make the large maritime routes up to 30km or so and the logic bricks, etc.

When downloading the routes all people have to do is have 2.79b installed and have made a link on my site to download from the Blender archive as the versions go back a dozen years or so.

Regarding UPBGE there is no auto installer as such and it also uses Blender. Every blend file I had changed to BLEND1 including when I tried use them off a memory stick. Non of them would open It could have been caused by something diffferent I know. A roll back to about a week ago with Windows Recovery luckily fixed it, to before I downloaded UPBGE. I will just watch from a distance UPBGE but not keep it on the computer at present