Changing to Wireframe In-Game

I was wondering if there is a way to change to wireframe view in-game using python. I have a game that has many items inside hidden tunnels. I would like to create a wireframe cheat so you can see through the walls and find items that were otherwise very difficult to find. So if anybody knows, can you please tell me?

Well replace mesh used to work, but now it seems not to work with glsl… You could’ve used that…it might still work with blender materials. ie. Have two versions… one with wire one without… otherwise you have to use add object to replace objecst.

You could also swap out the scenes. .eg. one scene in wire, one normal and just record positions etc… then, when you run the cheat, you move to a wireframe version of the level.

or you could have two meshes exactly the same, except one is textured like a wireframe and one isnt

and make the one that isnt dissapear with an IPO and, The Alpha Slider found in the texture buttons

ya but i’m trying to keep the file size pretty low

and its going to be a fairly complex game, and i don’t want to put so much work into making one cheat.
and if you use the wire buttons in the material settings, it lowers the framerate a lot.

i was just hoping that there would be a way to do it in python. like when you start a game in wireframe mode, thats how i would like to make it look

This isn’t python, but I think it’s what you want. (just press SPACEBAR to switch)


@mack , I can’t get the alpha fade to work with the apricot builds.

You could also make some logic bricks that flip the visibility of the wire objects and the solid shaded objects.