Changing UVs as Mesh is Changed

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was a setting or process that could be used to adjust a unwrapped models UVs as changes are made to the mesh? So for example, if you did a typical unwrap of a cube and then scaled one of the actual cube mesh faces, the UVs could auto-adjust to that change.

Any insight is appreciated.

Not clear what you mean - the UVs DO auto adjust for that change, as in the part of the texture that was showing on that face will scale with that face.If you are not seeing this you have done something out of the ordinary. If this is not what you want could you explain more?

Sure, I’ll try to elaborate: (by the way I’m using 2.69)

In pic 1, I’ve done a typical unwrap for a cube:

-In pic 2, I’ve changed the size of 1 face significantly (which will also change adjoining faces somewhat), but the UV unwrap stays identical:

—Now, is this indeed a incorrect behavior? The UVs should in fact be changing?

don’t think so
unwrap is making relationship between mesh verts and uv verts data
so you can change size in 3D viewport and image will stick to the face but image size will change
if you need to change uv then you have to unwrap again !

happy bl

Ok, I will proceed accordingly, thanks.