Changing variable values outside of Blender


I’m completely new to blender and I’m working on a project over the summer with a two month deadline. I’ve got about 8 hours worth of blender tutorials behind me and I feel that I’m ready to get to the next step.

My project does not involve any fancy modelling, but simply to visualize complicated physical effects of magnetic fields for educational purposes. The work will start off simple by having a wind blow at an arrow and the arrow will show the wind direction. I’m almost done with understanding and creating that form of visualisation so I’m trying to expand on it.

I will have many (or as many as I want) particles (arrows) and I want to be able to, collectively, change the wind force blowing on each of these arrows in one swift move. In the end I hope to be able to use mathematical equations to change wind speed and direction to properly visualise this physical phenomenon without having to use pre-set frames. The benefit to this is that I would only have to use one scene for the whole project as I can change the variables.

I have been reading a lot and this is the final corner stone to properly get this project under way. Is my request possible and could anyone please show me in the right direction concerning tutorials or other documentation regarding this?

I appreciate any form of help!