Changing vertex count in an edge loop to match a specific count


I have two edge loops I want to bridge (Bridge Two Edge Loops function), each of them comprised of a different number of vertices (see below image).

Having a single edge loop selected, I want to change its count of vertices to a given number so it matches the count of vertices of the other edge loop. Is there a tool I can use to subdivide an edge loop into a given count of vertices (being higher or lower than the current count)?

You can delete 1 loop on the right by selecting it and then hiting x -> delete loop. Or You can add 1 on the left by hiting ctr+R.
Or You can Use Loop tools addon to bridge them

Thanks rrtk, yes I can use this. Actually I was looking for something automatic that could work on the edge loops to make them have the same edge count so they can be united afterwards. Reason is I have to do this in batch to a large set of tiles, I cannot really do this manually. So I guess I will have to write a script to automate this processing.

Edit: the Bridge script part of the LoopTools add-on is doing just what I need: it automatically arranges vertices and join them. We just need to select the two edge loops and run the script, it just works!

for tiles you could use the array modifier!