Changing Vertice parametres globally?


I’m modelling a landscape that calls for me to strike a balance of “naturally” rolling hills and pretty exact planes. What I did was to use the sculpt tool to sketch in the general anatomy of my landscape and use a point by point method to flatten selected areas to have the exact same elevation (like say 70 units above zero. The flattener tool isn’t really precise enough so here’s what I do: I select each vertice on its own and set it to 70.

Here’s the question:
I was wondering if I can somehow lasso-select an area using “B” and set all the selected vertices to the same value. As it is, the vertices are all over the place because of the sculpt tool, and it’s all I can do to adjust the median value (rather than have a number of vertices exactly on tahe same level.), which of course doesn’t do the trick because I’m still left with all the little dips and ridges.

Marco :slight_smile:

There’s a way, here’s how I would do it:

  1. Set one vertex to the exact height you want the flat area to have.
  2. Select all vertices you want to be flattened, and select the vertex from point 1. last so it becomes the active vertex.
  3. Find the Rotation/Scaling Pivot dropdown in the 3D view menu header and set it to Active Vert/Edge/Face.
  4. Scale the heights of all selected vertices to the same as the active vertex by typing SKEY then ZKEY then ZEROKEY, then RETURN to accept.

Now you should have a flat plane.

Many thanks I’ll look into it… :slight_smile:
I got a good deal of the way there using the scale handles too.

One way i use a lot is to snap to a vertex location, but constrain the movement to a single axis;
so in your case; move one vertext to the correct height, select all the others then, with snap activated, hit G, Z, CNTRL-drag the vertices using the correct-height one as the location to snap to.