Changing vignette color

Hi guys

I’d like to be able to achieve a vignette effect like these (ie on a dark background), and be able to alter the colour of the vignette (so for instance a purple vignette on a black background) but currently my node setups aren’t working too well. The tutorials I’ve found don’t address the colour of the vignette itself. Would anyone who knows how mind showing or pointing in the right direction?

Basically your vignette grayscale mask should do two things - drive value and drive some color operation on image itself. You could use it on two different color mix nodes - one Multiply another whatever color and operation you would fancy (you may want to color invert mask on that before). Here’s an example in a bit different way

Thanks eppo. I tried to do the same thing with the ellipse mask node but couldn’t manage to. Does it have to be done/ is it best done using a bokeh image? And I take it it’s the HSV color node that’s driving the colour?

Is the vignette effect on a separate image from the foreground elements? If so why not just make the shape with an ellipse mask node and blur then change its colour with curve or colour correction or HSL change etc…?

Like this?

By going into the black and white level on the RGB curves I can start to changes the hues etc but things seem to be going in the opposite direction colour-wise and it also changes the vignette effect. I was hoping for a way to alter the color independently of the vignette, once that’s set up…

Also the plain black or grey background world image doesn’t actually get added into the output at all, what am I doing wrong?

Based on what you used - more like this; first color mix sets color for vignette, second does actual darkening (based on its color).

Sorry for the slow reply, thanks eppo