Changing Zoom Mouse Behavior?

I’m trying to learn blender after many years of Lightwave and Modo use. I am trying to get the 3D navigation to emulate those programs. The only problem I seem to be having is the direction needed to move the mouse when zooming. Blender wants to use drag up for zooming out and drag down for zooming in. I want dragging left to zoom out and drag right to zoom in. I’m using one of the blender 2.5 builds.

My pref is Dolly with Zoom to mouse position.


I’m in the same boat, I’ve wrote about it here:
I’m a maya/cinema4d user, and I’d love to see horizontal zooming support ! (with the ability to flip direction, coz maya its left=zoom in, right=zoom out)

+1 here !

Being able to customize all aspects of the navigation is so important. I use multiple programs and something like this may seem small, but it can really throw you off when you are in production and switching between programs. Especially if you only make very limited use of one of those programs.

Here’s an example of how in Modo you can customize this behavior, not just for navigation, but for tools as well.

2.5 is looking so appealing. It would be a real disappointment if they don’t add this option.

Added some new zooming config options to 2.5:


I saw this on CGtalk. Awesome!

Thank you!
That’s one more step towards usability for me.