Changinig the conter of an Empty?


Is it possible to change the place of an empty’s center? Something that would act like the “Center new” button for meshes…

emptys only exist of one point, moving that point [without moving the empty] doesn’t make sense

you’ll need to add another empty [as a parent or something]

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I should have known!

Your signature isn’t relavant … at least not during this posting session. Your English is better than alot of people that post on this site. I envy your ability to handle more than one language. I can only communicate in English … and not very well at that :-?

Thank you, but most of the time I am not 100 % sure that my writing is consistant and understandable…

Also, my english is always at least 10 times less “subtle” then what I would like it to expess, and on the internet, this too could potentially lead to misunderstanding or even conflicts… :smiley:

So I put that signature to prevent all that.

Yes, but this allows to communicate while people from everywhere! :wink:

To be honest, in my opinion, the English language is not as good as other languages at expressing ideas … it’s easy to misunderstand someone. You should be more confident in your ability to express yourself … I think you do just fine. :smiley:

Oh … and to stay with the thread … it is amazing how many times I’ve heard that empties can be used as sort of little “miracle” devices. Has anyone ever compiled the different, handy uses of the empty? If not, that sounds like it would make a good series for a set of video tutorials.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, I too think that the Empty is underrated, and not often the subject of tutorials…